Stupid Women-Hating Ads in New York

I swear, walking around New York with a camera in your pocket is an enlightening experience.  More absurd ads to share with the world:

FIRST: Stupid Liquor Ads!

Originally, I planned to critique the Absolut ad along with the one to the right, but I figure the “In an Absolut World” pitch fails pretty much on its face without any comment, so I’ll just move on.  The second ad is from Cabana Cachaca, a Brazilian rum company trying to introduce ‘cachaca’ liquor into the American market.  Apparently, they decided the right way to do this was via American Apparel style pornographic imagery – this time with a promise of “uncensored photos, footage, and more’ at their stupid over-Flashed website.  They follow through on their promise to be sure, but lord knows why anyone seeking out ‘uncensored’ anything on the internet would go to a liquor company’s website, and not, say, Google Image search.

As for the ‘censored’ photo on the street, pretty much nothing is left to the imagination.  The “Brazilian” pun gets some play, and everything does look somewhat… bare in the photo.  I still don’t know why nipples are so damned titillating they must be hidden, despite near total exposure otherwise.  (regarding Janet Jackson I’m still confused – the nipple didn’t do anything really, it just sort of… was there.  That’s all there really is to it.)  I think this ad proves that puritanical-censorship approaches to sexuality fail by making the censored bits all the more interesting – potentially for the worse.  Instead of a comfortable, sensible relationship to our nipples, we have a hypersexualized ad for alcohol, with all the really bad things that entails.

Second!  Not really an ad but infuriating still!

I mean, this is old-hat, but these damned things have been wheatpasted all over Lower Manhattan and they frustrate me to no end.  Basically, the most important strategy of the pro-life movement involves instilling doubt in the ability of women to make self-determined choices about their pregnancies, masking their real intention (compulsory pregnancy) behind a humanistic mask of regretful women.  This kind of bullshit inspires the use of waiting periods and the forced viewing of near meaningless sonograms.

Sadly, the pro-choice left hasn’t really marshaled a powerful image to counter this type of inanity – the most prominent visual image of a bloody coathanger kinda conveys the message, but I prefer something along the lines of the Manhattan Mini Storage ads, which force you to look in a women’s face when talking about the right to choose.  We need to remember what is at stake first and foremost: not a theoretical life, but real people.  Women’s empowerment is always the answer.

I too blame the patriarchy.

2 responses to “Stupid Women-Hating Ads in New York

  1. it’s interesting that both the woman in the liquor ad and in the pro-life ad are well-groomed, nearly-flawless looking women…body image and guilt…a tried and true power duo when it comes to hating on women.

  2. I don’t see how these adds are ‘woman hating’.

    Sex sells. Its part of the human biological drive.

    I don’t thing pro-lifers hate women either. They are just misguided ideologues, like feminists.

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