The Whole Foods-NYU Pincer Move!

Whole Foods has encircled NYU and is trying to push it into the sea. Or at least, that’s what it looks like based on this snazzy Google Map I worked up. (I like Google because it makes totally frivolous stuff like this possible to do in 5 minutes)

The point is this: the Whole Foods phenomena in Lower Manhattan seems driven by NYU students with disposable income (to spend on a store that disposes a lot of food – see previous post re: dumpstering food – Whole Foods is a serious perp of unneeded disposal). The Union Square and Houston Whole Foods are both within 2 blocks of NYU dorms. The Tribeca location isn’t terribly far from the Lafayette dorm. Clearly NYU didn’t trigger the gentrification of Tribecca, but the Union Square-Houston locations sandwich the NYU ‘3rd avenue housing corridor’ as NYU calls it, and I suspect students make up a bulk of the clientèle.

I’m sure there’s another point here about NYU’s role in gentrification – even when they’re not pushing out low price grocers (Met Foods), the school carts in upper-middle class students by the plane-full, and inadvertently raising rents and cost of living for everyone else.

But really, I just liked the image of Whole Foods as a secret paramilitary invasion of Lower Manhattan, battling it out with NYU for yuppie/yupre supremacy.


One response to “The Whole Foods-NYU Pincer Move!

  1. The idea of Whole Foods pushing NYU into the sea is so priceless and brings to mind such an incredible impression — these two corporate entities (with dreams of engaging more and more real estate hovering over them) with part do-gooder and part ‘evildoer’ images battling it out over turf. Thanks. I appreciated this post and the rest of your blog.

    Washington Sq Park Blog

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