Been back from Texas for a few days now; my trip was just right – not too hot, not too cold, and got to walk in the woods.  Going home I always get a sense of moving old muscles I forgot I had, finding that word that has been on the tip of your tongue for days.  I think this trip back sealed the deal for me: I know I don’t live in Austin any more.  I felt like someone getting dumped by their cool ex; lots of interesting stuff was happening around town, but I really didn’t play a part in it any more – I felt a little bit ignored.  Still, I saw good friends, plenty of trees, and the fam.

Being in Austin, brushing up against my past, I realized I’ve lost track of where I’m going, involuntarily resigning myself to ideological wandering.  I also realized that this next year will bowl me over into places I don’t want to be if I continue without the solid footing of knowing where I want to be in the future.  These next two weeks are the lull before the storm, and I want to take advantage of them to get some serious thinking done.

But I also have posts.  Lots, in fact.  Some of these will be contemplative ramblings, others will be more political.  Get ready.


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