Barack Wants You to Turn it Up!

from Steve Rhode's flickr photostream

from Steve Rhode's flickr photostream

Tonight!  Barack Obama sells an iPod to 75,000 screaming fans!  Thousands more weep in ecstasy as they whip out credit cards to get their own limited edition, personalized Obama personal music devices!  Spectacle leaves thousands in eschatalogical stupor!

Don’t think the yuppie-hipster obsession overlap exhausts the Obama-iPod connection.

1. – “Yes We Can” looks like an Mac ad with a different background color.  Oh wait – there’s another one that IS a Mac ad.

2.  ‘i – my’ the lowercase personalization prefix feels a little played at this point, but Obama exploits it to good effects.  The website has the bubble-gloss/spare feel of an OS X desktop, and the hyper-personalization of Macs works just like his political rhetoric, which has the ability to become all things to all hearers.

3. The fervor.

4.  The Logo.  iPod scroll wheel, anyone?  Also, works like the Apple decal – very iconic, very round, immediately signals inclusion in a cult of sorts.

5. ATT. Apple ❤ AT&T – giving them an exclusive hold on the iPhone market – and Barack Obama ❤ AT&T.

6.  iPods break.  A lot.  Barack Obama breaks… promises.


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