NYU Disorientation Update!

2008 Disorientation Guide Cover

2008 Disorientation Guide Cover

The NYU Disorientation Guide – still available online HERE – has made it to print!  I was party to a late-night trip to the printers to render the guides back to Manhattan.  Photographic proof provided below – it only LOOKS like we’re trafficking drugs.

Suprisingly, folks actually LIKE the Guide.  Here’s some ‘quotes’-

“Superb document!” – Rob

“I read this front to back and was really impressed with how well y’all put this together. I am going to do my best to circulate this.” – Mike

” I am absolutely impressed and inspired!! I particularly loved the take NYU back campaign! I would love to get involved anyway that I could!” -Nick

“Wow, are NYU students really that obnoxious? i assumed so just by observing their actions, but i’ve never seen it documented in text format.” – Anon.

“I’m so impressed with this.  It’s a little bit clean for a zine, but the content in this year’s is lightyears ahead of last year’s AND you got it out on schedule.  You guys are such champs.” – Some Guy

THEN, we got love from some blog-types:

NYU is returning. The very thought fills me with dread. Glad to know some of the thousands aren’t monsters–for them, there’s the Disorientation Guide.” – Jeremiah’ s Vanishing New York

Disguide contributer Washington Square Park Blog linked the Guide, as did real estate porn-blog Curbed.

Here are your photos of the pickup and drop.  Look for the Guide around NYU, as well as at Bluestockings, The Brecht Forum, and the 4th Street Food Co-op.

Under the overpass.

Canyons of paper.

Sketchball pickup.

Clean getaway.


One response to “NYU Disorientation Update!

  1. attn: disorientation crew

    I spent some time in Olympia this summer and resolved to bring Evergreen’s disorientation guide to New York. I’m excited to see it’s already made it.

    I’m interested in publishing one for New School, and branching it out further to New York Universities. Please get in touch with me at drudge@gmail.com
    Andy Folk

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