WTF Bailout

The only meaningful thing to come from Lehman. from Esaraphs flickr

The only meaningful thing to come from Lehman. from Esaraph's flickr

This whole economic crisis is causing me a lot of unexpected stress. Very unexpected. I suspect it’s because the affair is playing out in this wildly abstract language: ‘credit lines’ ‘bank failure’ ‘debt swaps’ etc. – the only thing concrete about it is everyone’s seething hatred of George W. Bush’s lame-duck guts. Seriously: when was the last time someone talked about paychecks? Or houses? Or jobs (for jobs’ sake, not this ‘health of the economy’ indicator bullshit)? Compare New Deal propaganda that focused on job creation and common labor with the blather streaming from the government now about credit lines and what not – they talk about similar things but in wildly different languages.  Despite the total abstraction of it all, I keep hearing very shrill, disturbing things, and it may be producing neurosis.

A great deal of ink and worry has been created about something that seems to be totally invisible. That invisibility is reinforced by a ‘bailout’ plan that only solidifies the fundamental lack of democracy at the core of our economic system – the ‘unilateral power’ claimed by Henry Paulson to carry out decisions on buying back bad debt echoes the power wielded by the capitalist elite to control people’s lives via the management of debt, employment and production.

Furthermore, I’m disturbed by the Congress’ inability to do ANYTHING whatsoever, even when the bills put before them provide massive benefits to their friends and benefactors.  Therefore I have no faith in the ability of Congress to pass a bill that would in fact benefit folks losing their homes or seeing the value of their paychecks shrink.

I’m still struggling to find a good way to express my hatred of the Bush Bailout and simultaneously express my disgust for the Democrats that went along with it, and the Republicans that didn’t because it just wasn’t evil enough.  It’s just a giant clusterfuck of sinister, self interested corrupt assholes.  The only thing that seems to make sense is how much I hate George Bush for developing into such a ineffective, disheartened President.  We really need a fucking leader of some kind, and he just offers polices that are simultaneously totally worthless and terrifying.

Mostly I’m angry.  I want more rage inserted in this discussion.  A tiny cabal of filthy rich men in suits living at the tip of a phallic island in the Northeast corner of the US have managed to nearly upend the entire way of life for hundreds of millions of people, and that’s fucked up.


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