Take Back NYU! Turns 1 (Month)

not birthday cake

It’s been one month since Take Back NYU! delivered its demands to the NYU administration and asked for a reply within… one month.

And guess what:

There was no reply.

Between Sept. 2 and Oct. 2, a lot went down. NYU/Polytech got sued. NYUAD got a Chancellor (who supported a Living Wage at Swarthmore, an interesting precedent for the labor-rights challenged NYUAD project) and a Master Planner. A student went public with his plan to pay tuition my soliciting donations online. The biggest (dumbest) NYU news story was that a J-School student (those still exist?) got told she can’t blog about being a stupid J-school student by her stupid J-school professor. I refuse to link this story.

Just as important, the economy started collapsing. With NYU’s endowment peaking, the university has staked its future in the condition of the stock marker and economy in general. That means bad news, at least in the short term: it looks like a number of universities are getting cut off from their short term assets. It would be really really nice to know the type of trouble NYU is getting itself into.

Then there was a disaster of a Town Hall, where President Sexton drove home the point that he has no idea how to conduct himself in public – yelling at students, claiming that students taking out loans should reconsider whether they belong at NYU.

On the other hand, TBNYU! kept a low-profile in the past month, except for the totally sweet (PUN) event HAVE YOUR SCHOOL AND EAT IT TOO – pictured above – that featured people making graham cracker/candy/frosting representations of their ideal universities. I expect that low key to change, and soon.

Economic peril, out-of-the-blue decisions on NYUAD, a blustering buffoon of a University President – all of these things point to the need for more democracy and accountability at NYU, a need that Take Back NYU! clearly meets.


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