Pinocchio Politics – Games and Distractions

This week in Pinocchio Politics: Doubt! A sudden materialization! Games!

Last week began with a smattering of chaos, what with the ongoing saga of the downfall of industrial civilization as we know it – thought it at least produced interesting web content from Pinocchio Politics partners, as you can see here.

The point being that trying ot keep up with the latest news-cycle was running us in circles – the brand and its offshoots would do much better with longer-range planning that probably honestly needed to be done months ago. As appealing as it seems to build instant campaigns out of shifting coalitions and proprietary press lists, effective organizing requires face to face, long term strategic thinking from the get-go.

The best breaks this campaign has received came from people who we knew, not from any kind of web-focused outreach. Many of the best creative ideas, the most interesting developments in terms of the message, and the funding came from people we met in other contexts, and collaborated with to build the campaign.

The upshot from these thoughts is that I think this campaign needs to shift back into the mode of creating news, rather than spinning it. The reason working with people you know in a long-term framework makes sense is that it allows you to buck the news cycle by focusing on your strengths and not reacting at every turn. Look: we know that campaigns try to ‘win’ news cycles by generating heaps of distracting bullshit – and that’s a trap for their opponents, but also for the activists caught up in working on the election. I always thought that working on the election matters because it helps define the symbols/frames that shape the country for (roughly) 4 years, and if that’s true, then we can’t get spun by the news cycle, but rather need to keep the bigger (non-electoral) goal always in sight.

All that being said, we made a sweet game of bingo. Play it at your next debate – or over the next weeks, when McCain will continue to spew really nasty stuff.


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