Provincetown Playhouse Scaffolding Up

No new pics yet, but…

After a summer long preservation battle, scaffolding has been raised for the renovation of NYU’s historic Provincetown Playhouse on MacDougal St.. In late April, NYU announced that it wanted to demolish the playhouse where legends Eugene O’Neill, and e.e. cummings once worked and performed, setting off a public relations scrap with community activists – particularly the ever prickly Greenwich Village Historic Preservation Society. Thus began a months long back and forth played out in Community Board meetings, press-release recriminations, and the oh-so-angry NYC blogosphere.

NYU ran into resistance partially because former University President J. Michael Oliva promised to preserve the building when NYU first purchased it in 1998. Since then, NYU sparked other preservationist battles when it demolished one of Edgar Allen Poe’s homes (located around the corner from Provincetown) for a new Law School Building, and with the building of the 12th Street Dorm, which functionally demolished the historic St. Anne’s church.

NYU eventually settled on a compromise that preserves the ‘playhouse’ part of the building, located on the south side of the building on the bottom floor. The other sections of the building – offices and apartments – will be torn down, and a new building constructed in their place. The new building will cantilever over the ‘historic’ sections of the building, and features an interpretive restoration of the site’s original façade.

(part of a series of test posts written for a college-blogging job prospect)


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