The Billionaires are Back

The Return.

The Return.

In trying times, at least we can know that rich people are funny. A total fucking meltdown and a power-grabbing Mayor have provided excellent opportunities for the return of the ‘Billionaire’ meme. (the meme began with Billionaires for Bush, and since taken on a life of its own)

Billionaires for the Bailout have made appearances in DC, backing the new age of corporate welfare in the name of leaving No Billionaire Behind. Just yesterday the Billioniares for the Bailout faced down the menace of Ralph Nader on Wall Street, standing firm in the face of the Radical Left’s attempt to undermine our support of the folks really in charge. The meme is overseas: the Billionaires made news all the way in India.

Back closer to home, the well-organized Billionaires brought out support for their friend and colleague Mayor Bloomberg on the issue of term-limits extensions, even if the repeal would still allow non-billionaire candidates such as Speaker Quinn or Anthony Wiener to run. As I’ve pointed out before, many New York City-focused movements are stiff, boring affairs, and I’m glad to see the Billionaires jump in to a high-profile battle like term limits- with Bloomberg’s media machine and billions to spend, folks opposing him will have to come up with something better than “the people have spoken” and “just say no” style appeals – I hope the Billionaires for Term Limits Except For Billionaires inject some energy and wit into the Bloomberg push-back.


One response to “The Billionaires are Back

  1. Dear Friends of Democracy,

    Mike Bloomberg thinks we will forget what he did before it is time for the 2009 election cycle. WE need to join together constant and strong to show him he cannot buy our support! WE cannot support him, anyone who voted in favor of the extension or anyone they endorses

    I know it is Halloween night but a few hours before the festivities is all it takes to send a powerful message (costumes welcome).

    This Friday Senator Serf Maltese will be joined by Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Christ Tabernacle’s Halloween event and show on Friday, October 31, 2008 from 4:30-5:30pm at Christ Tabernacle church, 64-34 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale NY 113885.

    Rally between his HBO series style entourage and the entrance to the event. Let him know he does not have our support in 09′.

    “No more years, no more years”

    You can Rsvp to

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