More Reasons to Suspect Obama


Legacy in a bottle.

Jesus fucking Christ, have folks already forgotten what happened in 2003? Colin Powell went before the entire world and lied through his teeth to justify launching the invasion of Iraq.

Colin Powell is like Barack Obama in the sense that people somehow believe he is much more progressive and liberally minded than they are. Powell led not one but TWO wars in Iraq and served the Bush Administration. Now he’s pulling the same gimmick that George Tenant, Scott McClellan and David Frum have tried to pull to wipe the Bush Administration off their hands.

Powell may be right about all the things McCain is doing wrong, but hes not exactly someone I want on ‘my’ side.


3 responses to “More Reasons to Suspect Obama

  1. I believe that Nasir Jones wrote a song about this fellow.
    Just to set the record straight:
    Man who led the United States in TWO unjustified invasions, served in what is sure to be remembered as one of the worst presidential candidates in the history or the United States, and served as National Security Advisor to a president who oversaw and encouraged clandestine and anti-democratic United States-led coups in several Latin American countries: Credential.
    Man who bombed a statue in protest of an unjust war and spent nearly a decade underground because he agitated for an expansion of democracy and an end to imperialism: Demerit.


  2. colored people clearly just hate our country.

  3. I’m not sure how I feel about the possibility of having Colin Powell back in my life. Scary…

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