Why Bloomberg Shouldn’t Run pt. 3.1 Million

hes on yr teevee. from .HS. flickr photostream

he's on yr teevee. from .HS. flickr photostream

This post from Gothamist shows exactly why Bloomberg shouldn’t be allowed to run again – because it shows how an endless incumbency allows for a manipulation of city resources to control elections. Bloomberg (or whoever wants to be Mayor-for-life) can game around money to deputize the entire political class of New York to work for him. Bloomberg’s manipulation of Mayoral money – and his re-distribution of money towards friendly charities – shows how incumbency creates an uneven playing field, and not some sort of competition that the best candidate necessarily wins.

In fact, Bloomberg’s vast wealth makes him particularly dangerous as a three term or more mayor. Rather than a temporary guard against financial crisis, a vastly wealthy mayor creates a long-term threat to democracy, because he can devote $30 million+ of his huge huge wealth to every election he runs, indefinitely. Even outside of the question of overriding *2* voter referendums, Bloomberg’s bid poses a threat to the (meager) democratic system in New York City


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