McCain Goes Meta

Images within images. from christhedunns flickr photostream.

Images of images. from christhedunn's flickr photostream.

McCain’s last hope for the Presidency lies in keeping the meta-physics of his campaign in order. People have begun to see him as erratic based on how he led his campaign for the Presidency, and so he’s trying to get back on track by rationalizing how his decisions have been made. The last ditch efforts for covering up his negative attacks are trying to articulate a bizarre tit-for-tat process whereby Obama somehow incited McCain to talk about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. He’s also pursuing an argument about the need to keep government divided between Democrats and Republicans on the assumption that the House and the Senate will be majority Democrat come January.

We’ve reached a point in the media environment where the actual meaning of a campaign is in how it describes the actions it takes. McCain constantly talks about Obama’s decision to attack Joe the Plumber – not the facts of the attack itself; just as Obama talks about the negativity and cynicism of the McCain campaign on his stump. McCain lost debate 3 not because of what he said, but because his non-verbals showed that he was ‘out of control’ and unprepared for the debate. Obama has run a slick, well paced campaign that won him as many points as the actual things he said during it.


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