NYU-Polytech – Downtown Brooklyn Takeover

Oh, wait, were you using that? Sorry, now it’s ours.

One more reason NYU isn’t really a private university but rather a semi-public real estate venture: Downtown Brooklyn is now starting to market itself as College Town, just as NYU plugs the last holes in its Polytech ‘merger’ that will dominate MetroTech commons and Downtown Brooklyn. This is just the latest in a series of favors – NYU gets all kinds of favors and tax breaks from NYC, making it practically a vehicle of city government. Other examples of handshake favors include: Washington Square Village, which was once NYC public housing for about 3 years before being turned over to NYU at cut-rate prices, the eminent domain was authorized to build the Silver Towers, and the renovation of Washington Square Park at the behest of NYU and the Tisch family. All that on top of the fact that NYU pays no property taxes for any of its holdings, an indirect subsidy to the University and the people that run and sometimes profit on it.


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