Presidential Netwars

this thing rules.  from dolescums flickr photostream.

this thing rules. from dolescum's flickr photostream.

A good friend pointed this out to me the other day: every single website that relies on user-generated content is totally dominated by pro-Obama folks.

Check it:

Digg’s top election page is chock full of pro-Obama/anti-McCain posts, and the pro-McCain posts have hundreds of thousands of fewer diggs than the pro-Obama posts.

Searching “mccain” in flickr nets some nasty results on the first page.  Obama?  Not so much.  (except for Obama-goatse.  Jesus.)

On YouTube, Obama has 17 million pageviews and 100,000+ subscribers. McCain… less than 2 million views, and 26,000 or so subscribers.

Other examples doubtless abound.  McCain’s choice to use old school robocalls, rather than some fancier meida shows that he’s banking on an old-media strategy to get out the vote where he thinks he can.  The Obama online phenomena may be only a product of the echo chamber online, but it at least reveals a pretty substantial cultural divide between the candidates.


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