Obama and Anti-Semitism

not what you think.

not what you think.

I think this argument has been made elsewhere, but I think it should be made again.  Comments about Obama’s character – specifically about him being a Muslim double agent and the like – strongly resemble anti-Semetic rhetoric. (Watched “The Eternal Jew” in class today, and it set me off) Here’s one recent example, and note the similarities.

1. “double agent” rhetoric – that he looks like us, but has shaved off his beard and attempted to walk among us, while maintaining allegiance to his ‘true’ religion.

2. Suspicion of the cosmopolitan/urban – both arguments assume that the ‘real’ volk reside in rural areas, working the land while the threatening other (Jew, Obama) reside in the city and lead intellectual lives

3. Marxim – For the Germans, Jews were simultaneously greedy and ideologicla descendents of Karl Marx; Obama is both ambitious and a closet Socialist.

4. The Mob – anti-Semetic propaganda painted the Jews as the face of organized crime, and some of the GOP’s recent talking points focus on Obama as a product of the corrupt Chicago political establishment run by the Mob.


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