The Terrorist Vote

Still around.  From diodoros flickr photostream

Still around. From diodoro's flickr photostream

Continued insanity: ‘al Qaeda’ endorsed John McCain for President, because he’s “impetuous” and will continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely. Expect endless dissection of comments and a return by McCain to the national security theme that seems to be rising again ever since Joe Biden said that stupid shit about an international crisis testing Obama. The Democrats are rolling hard with the “erratic” story line vs. McCain, but I expect that the real upshot of the national security discussion will be in reminding people that OH THERE ARE STILL TERRORISTS AND JOHN MCCAIN IS A REPUBLICAN SO TRUST HIM. Also, the terrorist vote is split: Hamas really likes Obama, which means that any attempt to spin the endorsement back on McCain will backfire and continue to remind people that Obama doesn’t look like a real American, while John McCain used to defend our country with his bare hands in Vietnam.


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