What if it’s stolen?

owned by GOP. from subfinitums flickr photostream.

owned by GOP. from subfinitum's flickr photostream.

I don’t think folks have put nearly enough thought into whether this election could be stolen. The last two elections were fraudulent, and I think a barely-explicable swing right in these last two weeks could still occur, and cause swing-states at the margins to go ‘Republican,’ – with some help at the polls, of course.

Greg Palast and NYU’s own Mark Crispin Miller have been doing interesting research into the possibility – the question is, what are we going to do if it is?

The suggestion of ‘riots’ comes up frequently, but I’d like there to be a more productive response also in the works. Fighting to restore the vote is better than just fighting, but I’d appreciate if there was room for more productive responses too, that might encourage folks towards political systems that don’t require voting.


One response to “What if it’s stolen?

  1. Shut up, idealist. I wanna riot.
    Since you’re into PR, I’d like to point out an interesting and little discussed phenomenon regarding voter fraud: The insistence by both parties that an election has never been determined by fraud and the media backlash against exit polls.
    Mark Crispin Miller has talked plenty about the former, so I’d like to say a bit more about the media backlash, which is certainly related. I noticed many people taking a stance against exit polling after both the 2000 and 2004 elections, when exit polls disagreed with official results. Despite the fact that exit polls are conducted by a number of different organizations and are far more transparent and reliable than paperless voting, it was the exit polls, not the voting machines that were percieved to be flawed. Independently conducted polls and audits are an essential part of any drive to minimize electoral fraud and ensure that the “will of the people” (lulz!) is expressed. However, many talking heads blame exit polls for skewing results and the media has painted them as flawed, misleading and even dangerous. Media consumers, of course, eat it right the fuck up.

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