Palin’s Wardrobe – It Won’t Work

not so simple. from elycefelizs flickr

not so simple. from elycefeliz's flickr

The net-o-blog-o-sphere has invested a good deal of digital ink to the revelation that RNC spent 150,000 dollars on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe over the past few months.  Not only does this look off-message from the ‘above the fray’ tone of the Obama campaign, it also might fall totally flat – while making the Democrats look ‘out to get‘ Palin.

Look, progressives are totally obsessed with the idea that the GOP represents a false front to the working class that they jump on personal spending as a reason that the republicans don’t represent ‘real’ people – when the argument against the Democrats with the working class is caught up in tax policy, good stories (JOE), and ‘egghead government’ as the individual people making those policies.  Also, I think there’s a lot of working class folks who would like to spend 150,000 dollars of GOP money on clothes if they got the chance.  We also live in a patriarchal society – folks expect women to look nice, and I think people will excuse spending money from campaign donors on gettin’ all dolled up.


3 responses to “Palin’s Wardrobe – It Won’t Work

  1. $400 haircut

  2. hey! tiffany sent me the link to your blog. i love it. I was just having a conversation about this today. I think its fucked up people are focusing on this issue for sarah but none of the other candidates’ thousands of dollars worth of clothing. I doubt it was her idea to spend that much money ( i also doubt she minded, obviously). GOP is just doing what the democrats would have done/ probably did with hillary

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