Blogging Check-in

This is the end of the first week of my new blogging strategy.  I’ve been trying to do about 5 posts a day, with each post at 200 words or less.  I’ve met this goal 5 days running, and traffic has been more or less up.

Considering that the blog more or less revolves around my wandering personal interests, I’ve also been considering moving the site to a new address that reflects me a little better, instead of having this convoluted URL and evasive name.

I think the 5 posts/200 words works much better than 1 post/1000 words (about what I had been doing previously).  My concerns, as always, involve time (whether I have enough?) and relevance  (why am I doing this again?).  I’d like to make blogging a supplement to my education, as well as an independently successful venture that could provide the foundation for some form of employment in the future.  Hopefully keeping up the fast-and-loose strategy will meet both those goals, while avoiding the time-crunch problems.  Blogging is a cathartic process for me, and if it ever becomes too much of a burden/takes up more time than it’s worth, expect this to shut down pretty quick, but for now I’m digging it.


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