“The Good Old Days”

David Frum.  This man hates you. From Urban Mixers flickr photostream

David Frum. This man hates you. From Urban Mixer's flickr photostream

When David motherfucking Frum is able to write a Washington Post editorial on the good old days of Republican campaigning, something is up.  This man spearheaded the Bush campaign message during his first Presidency, and embodies the most effective use of divide, scare and surveil GOP electoral politics.

Yet, somehow he manages to chide his way out of responsibility for the McCain campaign message (run by fellow Bushie Steve Schmidt) that takes the last 8 years to their logical extreme.  Frum forecasts the way the Republicans will frame the first 2 years of an Obama Presidency:

1. The Good and the Bad GOP – folks will try to divide the party into radicals and moderates, and endorse a shift back to the party’s “middle ground” of deregulation and old school culture wars issues like gay marriage and creeping restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.

2. Victimhood – people on the right will once again paint Washington as the stomping grounds of the loony-left big-government eggheads, imposing a radical agenda on the Real People of America.  The Republican Party will become the party of victimhood, turning every policy into an abuse of power by the ascendant Democratic party.

The backpeddling and second guessing has already begun, and I think Democrats need to avoid self-congratulation if they want to avoid a big GOP pushback in 2010, 1994 style.


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