Pure Cynicism

from Kenn Wilsons flickr photostream

from Kenn Wilson's flickr photostream

Wonkette sarcastically lists a number of Republicans that recently jumped ship from McCain to Obama – while they act a little jokey, other folks have trumpeted the number of GOP defectors as praise for Obama as a transcendent post-partisan, blah blah blah candidate.

I’d like to suggest another explanation – pure cynical self-interest.  For example: Scott McClellan is only post-partisan because he’s also post-integrity – he worked for Bush before he sold him out for a book advance, and his endorsement probably means he decided he had better get off a sinking ship before it takes him down too, and better to have condemned it before it went down, rather than after.

I mean, would you want to be associated with a lurching over-matched campaign accidentally run by a Rove washout, stumbling its way to the end of the campaign season?


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