Halloween Comes to NYU

Scarier than America’s first Terrorist President, NYU’s demons will be out on the loose in Washington Square Park tomorrow at 11.30 as Take Back NYU! unleashes its latest protest against the NYU Administration’s refusal to disclose the operating budget, endowment investments or allow a student on the Board of Trustees.

Street theater will include ghouls like:

The Tuition Vampire – the monster that keeps growing above the rate of inflation, sucking students dry.

The Ghosts of Washington Square Park – NYU dug up some bodies when it helped finance the ‘renovation’ of our park, and they’re coming back to haunt the plunderers of public space

Expansion Frankenstein – Made out of the bodies of Universities across the globe, this monster lumbers from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Abu Dhabi leaving gentrification and worker abuses in its wake

NYU’s Skeletons in the Closet – What IS NYU hiding?  Maybe these monsters will help us find out

Take Back NYU! will also begin putting pressure on the Administration with a drive for students to pledge refusal to donate to NYU until the school takes steps towards accountability transparency and democracy. Students will also be passing out info on the TBNYU! movement, and giving out candy advertising for the new web site.

here’s the deets:

What: Take Back NYU! NYU’s Monster Street Theater Action

When: Tuesday Oct. 28th, 11:30 pm

Where: East Side of Washington Square Park near Washington Place


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