“Redistribution of Wealth” – the Final Leg

It seems like the McCain campaign is burning through a book of epithets working backwards from now (Celeb ads) to the 80s/90s (Big Government), to the 60s (Bill Ayers) all the way back to the good ol’ Red Scare 50s (this bullshit).  I’m kinda digging the old school flavor.

Anyways – the argument against Obama from the right apparently peaked when they went after Bill Ayers.  Now, folks are going after a radio interview from 2001 of Obama talking about how to interpret the Constitution.  (Srsly, as if the Constitution still mattered)  This is really the end of the line – picking through old radio clips about Constitutional Law in the hopes that it proves something about Obama’s un-Americanness.

It seems petty, but I guess the only really appeal of the clip is the tone, with Obama sounding like the elitist college professor type that folks pigeonhole him for – it might be dangerous to his campaign because it keeps him from sounding like the ‘common man’.  I suspect his is an ‘above the fray’ moment for the campaign and you’ll hear nothing more of it from Obama.

Doomed doomed doomed.


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