Peta Doesn’t Care, and that’s Why they Win.

Peta delivers!?! from rscottjones flickr photostream

Peta delivers!?! from rscottjones' flickr photostream

I love Peta because they just don’t give a fuck what people think of them.  They are a small-ish group of very emphatic people that don’t have to represent any other groups or interests – they merely agitate folks; logic, coherence and reasonability be damned.

For instance: hounding the Olsen twins about fur today, calling them ‘hags from hell.’  It’s very unlikely that anyone (despite empty threats) will actually buy more fur because of a protest like this, it’s a guaranteed media spot, usually with pictures, and the message reaches most everyone who takes more than a passing interest in Mary-Kate and Ashley.  It doesn’t matter that you end up hating the people behind the mask, the message is delivered and a discourse about fur is re-introduced to the public in a busy media environment.


3 responses to “Peta Doesn’t Care, and that’s Why they Win.

  1. Hey, for some reason you’re showing up as linked to antiplath… but I can’t find where you ref’d me. Anyway, I like the blog title… Bill Hicks-inspired?

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  3. did you hear about the “attack” on lindsay lohan? threw a bag of flour on her head as she entered something boug-y and yelled about something super similar. also: i think it’s super interesting that folks – even intelligent ones – think that the ALF is actually PETA folks (i.e. “I hate when PETA pulls fucked up violent stuff”). i suppose that’s indicative of a larger lack of discourse regarding animal welfare/rights/liberation, but regardless.

    also, you’ve seen the website about peta killing like 70% of the animals they “save”? lame. but again ties into interesting discussions regarding utilitarianism.

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