Flipping the Wedge Issues

yep. from clockworknates flickr photostream

yep. from clockworknate's flickr photostream

A State Senate election in Queens shows how those all important wedge issues can be flipped around on the Right.  Most people in America are more pro-choice than the GOP (though not totally pro-choice, most appreciate ‘advice’ to women and other stupid shit), and folks on the left can and should turn that against them.  Same with immigration – total bans and walls are irrational, and simply pigeonholing the folks on the right as paramilitary zealots is a useful beginning to a left-response.

Obama seized on this as well – his last debate performance included a honest and full defense of choice, framing it as an issue of liberty, rather than adopting the ‘life’ frame of the crazy right, effectively shifting the debate back to a position where the Democrats can turn abortion into a wedge issue that splits moderates off from the radical right.


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