More Crime Bullshit

More guns than you. from mudpigs flickr photostream.

More guns than you. from mudpig's flickr photostream.

Serious dissonance in the NYC news today. Bloomberg just donated six figures to an independent campaign called Americans United for Safe Streets, who mailed out a flier that features police officers in their formal wear best under crosshairs.

Almost simultaneously, the New York Medical Examiner gave word that two brothers killed by police this weekend were shot in the back. In the back.

Now, I can think of a number of cases of (black and latino) folks killed by police in the past year (NYPD killed 13 ppl in 2006 via gunfire), but very very few cops killed during the same time. The 758 NYPD officers have been killed since 1806, a rate of less than 4 a year, with only 321 of those the result of gunfire. The point being, that in the majority of violent interactions between police and citizens, the police do the shooting and killing. That means that maybe Mr. Mayor might do well to focus on reigning in police before ginning up fear to support move overzealous policing of city streets.


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