Colombia and Rodney King

in Colombia. please stop. from vonbergren.nets flickr photostream.

in Colombia. please stop. from's flickr photostream.

Not enough people know about this (I know I didn’t until it was pointed out to me) – US funded paramilitary police have been killing just random folks and then posing their bodies in ways to suggest the dead were members of rebel/’terrorist’ groups. Of course, this is all part of a long and rich history of falsification of evidence on the part of police to justify shootings or beatings, particularly in the US.

Remember Rodney King? The defense strategy relied on manipulating videotape evidence to make it look like King was making threatening gestures to the 5 or so armed police surrounding him, a post-hoc revision of the truth to justify a brutal beating. Other examples abound – the police killing of a grandmother in Atlanta is the local side of the drug war – killings and arrests in the name of keeping pot and other sinister chemicals of the street.

The point is this is all bullshit, and needs to stop


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