SHAC 7 Almost News

Hm, so all the sudden the NY Post and Daily News, followed by Gothamist got all worked up about animal cruelty – they all wrote about a case of a man who stabbed his wife’s beagle to death earlier this week.  Interestingly, cruelty towards Beagles is a cornerstone of research at the terrific Huntingdon Life Sciences, which performs a variety of tests on animals for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other corporate entities.   Huntingdon has been the target of a very successful campaign called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) that got the company delisted from several stock exchanges and nearly crippled its finances.  In the US, the federal government targeted SHAC activists for persecution, imprisoning 6 for expressing free speech that happened to impact HLS’s bottom line – speech that is now a crime.

So, why this one?  Why this story?  There are so many more important ones out there.  Keep yer eyes open.


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