Obama’s Vodka Threat

from Dan of Futures flickr photostream

from Dan of Future's flickr photostream

The last thing keeping Obama from the Presidency is vodka (and not in the “George Bush history of alcoholism” way).  Here’s what I mean:

If you sit and stare at a potato long enough, it stops being a potato, and starts becoming vodka.

Obama has been the front runner for a couple weeks now, and as election day approaches, each poll that puts him substantially ahead of McCain increases voter and media scrutiny on him.  He receives more and more coverage as a nearly president-elect, people begin to speculate on cabinet choices, governance style, and divided government under an Obama Presidency.  Through all of this, the sense of Obama as a fresh face with endless promise begins to morph a little, and maybe wear at the edges.

At the same time, McCain begins flinging anything and everything he can at Obama, hoping that any one of them could become an excuse for a voter to change their genuine interest in Obama into an excuse not to vote for him.  “I like Obama but…” will be the shape of a McCain upset, and until Tuesday, expect everything including the kitchen sink to fly in the hope of hooking more and more “Obama, but…” voters.


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