I Hate Chris Matthews

so so much.  from mickelehs flickr

so so much. from mickeleh's flickr

I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching MSNBC all night – both election parties I attended had it on (really loud).  These people were riding Obama/Howard Dean/David Axelrod all night, and it got really absurd.  Welcome our new leaders and bow before them! Here’s choice quotes from the night:

Chris Matthews: “The second battle of Gettysburg has gone the same way as the first” –  McCain = Confederacy?

“It would be hard to see McCain climbing over or boring through Ohio now”

“If you put the word hope before they American people, they’re willing to take it and do something with it”

From David Axelrod: “We didn’t want to accept the dreary math of red states and blue states”

“The thread has broken” – Joe Scarborogh

MSNBC only asked black people about what the election meant for the nation.

Keith Olberman had a terrific white guilt moment where he prattled on to the nation how much he loves Jackie Robinson, MLK and Jesse Jackson.

My favorite: There was a whole 5 minutes of Chris Matthews swinging on Howard Dean’s nuts, but it was too absurd to write down.  Chris: “Howard, how is it that you were so awesome?  Tell me just how beautiful you think you are?” Reply: “Well, Chris, very beautiful.  Gorgeous you might say.  Admire our black President, if you please.”


One response to “I Hate Chris Matthews

  1. Thank you. I was trapped in an animal hospital that played only MSNBC. I didn’t think hell could be any more real than it was being in an animal hospital listening to Chris Matthews.

    I’m just happy I am not the only one that thinks this way.

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