Obama, Newspapers and the Media of History

The world has changed.  from phq200s flickr.

The world has changed. from phq200's flickr.

I love the rush to get newspapers today.  It’s like no one feels like it happened until they have something in their hands that proves it really occurred.  History seems to have disappeared from our lifetimes – even September 11th disappeared into a bureaucratic squabble and the discredited political movement led by George Bush.  The last time ‘something happened’ was the fall of the Soviet Union.  Until today, it seems.

Obama ran an ephemeral campaign, one of airy aspirations and digital connections.  I think there’s still a sense that it might all disappear, until we take pictures, record video, and grab mementos.  The newspaper is a classic trope in what we know is history – think Dewey Defeats Truman – and folks need to grab on to something to feel like history happened.  History happens in black and white.


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