Symbolizing the NYC Mayor

work with this. from Tony the Misfits flickr

work with this. from Tony the Misfit's flickr

Obama’s campaign ran on a series of wildly effective symbols and phrases that drove the campaign to the electoral and political heights we see today.  Watching returns and his acceptance speech last night, you could see how he drew on an immensely powerful set of tropes and symbols used to define the nation and his role in it.

The next important election I see is the New York City Mayoral campaign.  I think it’s wildly important to get Mayor Bloomberg out of office ASAP, and I want to work to make it happen.

Any opposition to Bloomberg doubtless will try to pivot off of the Obama Hope and Change messages, but it seems like cities lack the same type of empty-ish symbolic tools that made his message possible.  That should be the first task of any mayor going in to this campaign, seeing the changed look and feel of politics: develop new symbols – both visual and rhetorical – that represent a new city, a new sense of hope, and a united front against the narrow interests that have come to control this city


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