Bloomberg’s Slasher

by order of mayor.  from stellets flickr

or by order of mayor. from stellets' flickr

Bloomberg announced his budget cuts on one of the most overwhelming media days of the year, right after a historic Presidential election.  Standard fare. (Not much unlike the Friday Night Massacres of the Bush administration, announcing environmental cuts on Fridays before the nearly-dead Saturday news cycle).

I’m no wonk on the city budget, but I’m not particularly happy with the idea of cutting city worker’s jobs, particularly as New York City continues to lose them vis-a-vis the surrounding metropolis.  That seems to be cutting the city’s working-class feet out from under it when targeting higher taxes on the very wealthy might actually present a better option for balancing the budget while maintaining spending.

Also, I can think of some pretty frivolous uses of city money that should see the chopping block before anyone’s job gets lost – Washington Square Park leaps to mind.

There are some good things here: trimming police jobs in the bloated absurdity that is the NYPD, repealing the homeowner credit (not that many people own, and focusing on owner-relief shouldn’t be a priority), but Bloomberg’s credibility on the budget is running pretty low, and I’m interested to see the meat of what this means.


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