That Giant Sucking Sound



…would be all that hope rushing out of the room.  Rahm Emanuel is a good pick for many reasons, but he’s also a neocon who shepherded NAFTA through congress back in ’93.  You remember NAFTA right?   It was the first great betrayal of the Clinton Administration, the free trade bill that made moving jobs to Mexico a national past time.  He also engineered the bait-and-switch 2006 midterm campaign for the Democrats, where millions voted for an end to the war, only to see Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid capitulate to Bush and keep the war going.

Now Obama will put him at the head of his legislative machine, showing that he wants to have the type of free reign to do as he pleases, promises be damned, that Clinton had way back in 92.  (not that he made that many promises)  He represents the return of the New World Order with a happy face that Clinton tried to pull over in his two terms, and forecasts an unhappy relationship with the aspirational left that brought Obama to power.

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