Denigrating the Youth Vote

Wow, I cannot count the number of times before this election that I heard about the impending failure of young people to vote, how little they care, and how they fail their country.

And it was always bullshit. Not only did they turn out in numbers substantially larger than the general populace, they have for a long, long time.  In 8 of the last 9 elections, folks under 30 turned out in higher numbers than the population at-large.  The apathetic young person is a dangerous myth, because it keeps radical folks with power from even attempting to create their own change, because they believe they will be stifled by their own peers.

This election tore down powerful myths about American politics, lets do away with the myth of the unmotivated, demobilized college student as well.

3 responses to “Denigrating the Youth Vote

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  2. I have started my own little digital magazine called, Skoolyard Magazine. Its a rather random magazine at this point. The website is Check it out, join the myspace page. It is basically a place for student journalists and young writers and bloggers to be published. Some very good writing is taking place at the moment. The first issue is scheduled to launch in January of 2009, shortly. I am excited, help spread the word, tell your friends about it. I think it will be a big institution in the near future where reporters you never heard of will get their start. So check out the site & sign up to get on the mailing list. Don’t miss out on the fun….thanx

  3. When I was in college at ASU and until this election 2008 I never voted in my life, never cared about politics but after listening what Obama said “its time for a change” I said to myself this year I’m going to vote but back when I was in college I always thought one vote can not make a difference but it does and I’m glad that I did voted at a age of 36 for the first time

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