NYU Rally For Fair Pay

nowIn October, a report leaked from Rutgers University showing significant and longstanding pay discrimination against female professors, particularly in science.  Rutgers is not the first institution to find this type of discrimination, and no doubt it will not be the last.  It’s nearness to NYU and position as a ‘peer institution’ (someone NYU would like to be like) puts the impetus on NYU to come clean about any potential pay discrimination occurring in our university.

NYU National Organization for Women has stepped up to challenge the university on the issue of pay equity and will hold a rally next Wednesday (the 12th) at 1pm, starting at the Kimmel Center at 40 Washington Square south and traveling in and through all of NYU land.  NOW, as part of Take Back NYU! will demand that NYU disclose its budget as a step towards ensuring all employees receive equal pay for equal work.
The rally features mobs of students holding ‘glass ceilings’ above their heads to show the concrete problems created by NYU’s commitment to secrecy in all things.

be there.

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