Term Limits Extension Brings More Bad Government

Marty! from vivaantarcticas flickr.

Marty! from vivaantarctica's flickr.

The string of folks sticking in their current city government positions demonstrates the absurdity of the term limits extension – it’s a wave of incumbents staying in place (including Mr. Playmate Markowitz) rather than seeking the offices that they originally said they would pursue, the opposite of the good-government argument about voters choosing whoever they thought was the best candidate for the job.  Instead of seeking open races for the right job, incumbents self-selecting for races they know they can win by force of political inertia.

But that was the purpose all along, and the best reason for folks to push incumbents out of office whenever they get the chance.  While not the same as forcing them out via term-limits, supporting an extension or taking advantage of one provides a compelling display of self interest at the cost of voters, and a good argument for getting them out of office ASAP.

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