Gay Marriage Going Bi-Coastal

A force for good, not evil? from iessis flickr.

A force for good, not evil? from iessi's flickr.

I’m digging the energy for legalizing gay marriage going on in New York State, and hopeful that it forecasts a real progressive thrust to the next NY State legislative sessions.  A Democratic senate in New York means the potential (admittedly mostly potential) for a second large state force to supplement and complement California’s usually progressive legislation on a national level.  A progressive NY state government could bring CA in from the wilderness on issues like CO2 emissions, and pick up their slack on issues like gay marriage when the west-coasters stumble.  I think there’s a useful relationship that could develop between the two on a lot of levels, and a 1-2 punch of progressive legislation from two big states could set the tone for many smaller states and get the ball rolling to make state-level government a force for good when the federal falters.


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