NYU, the Downturn and Financial Aid



The first question to ask during tonight’s NYU President’s Town Hall is: who designed your jankety-ass poster (above)?

The second question to ask is: what will NYU do to help students through the economic crisis that threatens their income and access to student loans?

I think I know what the answer will be.  Since last March, NYU has been developing an official line on student tuition that goes something like this: pay up or go home.  The administration has embraced a free-market model of education that abandons the presumption that higher education should be available to all, and instead embraces brutal economic determinism to limit access to its resources.  Expect any questions about finances, financial aid or tuition to come down to this: John Sexton’s ‘dreams’ for NYU come before anyone else’s dreams for their education.

President Sexton has repeatedly told students that their best option for coping with tuition is to leave – expect that argument to reach a more extreme, more callous extreme during the Town Hall, with the lively and friendly presence of Take Back NYU! members to lighten the mood.

lol jsex, lol indeed:



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