Getting back to Corporate Power

remember?  from Kashmirs flickr photostream

remember? from Kashmir's flickr photostream

I don’t know if anyone was paying attention, but back in the late 90s, huge and powerful movements emerged in this country to protest the practices of corporate power in a variety of forms.  We had anti-Nike folks, a stronger animal rights front, and oh yeah, Seattle.  After Bush got elected, and particularly after 9/11, that all changed – people returned the bread and butter issues of war and government power; the frame shifted off of corporations and went back on to the state.

Now that Obama has been elected, I can hope that folks get back to some of the anti-corporate struggles that existed before the Bush takeover which disarmed anyone who thought they had agency over their government.  It’s not like all the problems with the federal government have been resolved – far from it – but it feels less like the overbearing symbol of total power.  Of course, it never was total power – Bush acted largely of the behest of corporate powers that could have been the focus of activism from the get-go.


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