Obama’s Halo Wanes

think about it. from marcomassarottos flickr

think about it. from marcomassarotto's flickr

In the last week, there’s been a creeping transformation… of a man changed from a movement to a governing body, someone becoming very solid, very fast.

He appears in public, among mere mortals, against a backdrop of plain blue, rather than rising above and through adoring crowds, as he did in the past 20 months.

He floats policy positions, rather than floating on air.

He commits himself to partisan battles in the Senate.

He hobnobs with the icons of evil that we supposedly purged from our Great Nation not so long ago.

A gradual deflation of expectations, rather than a pop of frustration. Welcome to the movement transformed.


One response to “Obama’s Halo Wanes

  1. hmm, interesting perspective.

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