War in Iran

got yr wish.  from danny.hammontrees flickr.

got yr wish. from danny.hammontree's flickr.

Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.  Since 2003, left-folks warned of an impending attack on Iran by the Bush Administration.  Every time there’s an election since then, the shrill warning went out: October Suprise!  The attack is coming!  But every single time, they’re proven wrong.

The reasons the attack won’t come are numerous: even if the warnings about weapons sound the same, the US military cannot physically make the effort of launching another war, and the Bush Administration doesn’t have nearly the same political clout it did in 2002 to win any sort of support for its war.

At the same time as folks whip up anger about Iran, the US overthrew the first real government in Somalia since the early 90s, attacked Syria, and started invading Pakistan.

The point is, we have plenty to be upset about, and I’m ready to stop hearing about Iran and start thinking about rallying folks to the myriad problems that actually exist, rather than ones of fantasy.


One response to “War in Iran

  1. did you see this article? http://english.aljazeera.net/news/americas/2008/11/20081117102528921928.html

    obama says he’s closing guantamano and pulling out of iraq. i’m slightly confused by my strange hopes that he might turn in to a trojan horse. yes he can?

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