NYU in a Spat of Deceptions

For a few I had been planning a post in my mind about how NYU had avoided high-profile controversy this year, after last year’s Polytech-Abu Dhabi-Provincetown Playhouse smorgasbord of public debates, but it looks like they managed to prove me wrong.  Just in the last month, they’ve said and done a lot of stupid things:

Like “There will be no service cuts for students!” … which actually wasn’t true, and having the President lie to students never wins points.

Which, of course, never stopped Mr. Sexton – he also misled students on fair pay in a town hall.

Then, after the WSN did a pretty decent job exposing guard cuts on campus, NYU went out of its way to gag guards from talking to the press.

Now, NYU made headlines for more or less lying about its crime statistics on campus, on a day when they would have much rathered talk about the Silver Towers  and making nice with GVHPS.

THEN there’s the Sexton pay package, which, it turns out is ANOTHER example of NYU lying to its students – in 2005, the university said that Sexton’s salary wasn’t increasing, but at the same time the University vastly increased other forms of compensation that nearly doubled his overall pay.

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