Hyper Local Blogging from Chatham Square

from wallygs flickr

from wallyg's flickr

Got tipped off to a great blog by Rob Hollander of Lower East Side Residents for Responsible Development – the group Civic Center Residents Coalition of NYC started a blog about the impending demolition/reconstruction of Chatham Square in Chinatown.  Perhaps as an indication of the poor community outreach done by NYC DoT (or my own ignorance), even though I live right around the corner, I was unaware of the construction project until I heard about it through LESRRD.

And it seems the project has it’s problems: a 3 year  construction timeframe for ultimately minor traffic improvements, a project that will cut off water and street traffic to local businesses during a recession, all while surrounding streets undergo their own renovations – meaning that residents will be subject to 5 years or more of local traffic disruption and construction noise.

The local blogging project seems like a great way to challenge the construction (though it may have appeared a little late), especially if it models the excellent Atlantic Yards Report which has done the most consistent and detailed reporting on that particular fiasco.

Folks interested in getting involved contesting the redesign can start by attending a public hearing on the matter this Tuesday.  Here are the deets, via Rob:

Public Hearing on Chatham Square Redesign
Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 6pm

PS 124, 40 Division Street
(just east of Confucius Plaza/Bowery).
Sign in begins at  5:30pm.

One response to “Hyper Local Blogging from Chatham Square

  1. Chatham Squared

    Major construction in Chinatown during a recession is quite plainly a death knell for many longtime Chinatown small businesses around Chatham Square. The Mayor and DOT need to postpone this Chatham Square reconfiguration until AFTER this recession is over. Everyone knows that Chinatown has recovered dead last after 9/11 compared to the rest of NYC, and, that government worker parking placard abusers were one of the major causes for that slow recovery – Chinatown is STILL recovering from parking placard abuse which ran rampant and unchecked for years post-9/11 – Now what? 3 to 5 years of noise and construction? This is NOT a good idea!

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