The Double Standards

all I’ve got on the Mumbai attack so far:

Two incidents about how this event is being framed.

First from the BBC: the day after the Mumbia ‘standoff’ finished, there was a riot in Nigeria that killed 200 people.  This is the counterpoint to all the vague moralizing about the loss of human life on the coverage of the Mumbai attack, because it has garnered only a tiny fraction of the Mumbai attack’s press.  The (false) report that the attackers targetted ‘westerners’ is one big reason why this became as big as it did: the attack was against the ‘west’ and the friends of the west – it had little to do with loss of life.

Second, from Andrew Sullivan: within a few hours, he made two posts about torture.  one was about US torture policy, which he refers to as the “Bush Cheney Torture Regime“. However, when discussing torture committed by the (presumed) Islamic terrorists in Mumbai… the big rhetoric comes out.  In this case, we’re dealing with “Barbarians“.  Another shameless and senseless pro-west bias that taints an effective analysis of what just went down in Mumbai.


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