Tisch Plaques Arrive At Washington Square Park

image from the Washington Square Park Blog

image from the Washington Square Park Blog

The Washington Square Park Blog reported on the arrival of the new Tisch plaques which will adorn the renovated fountain.  (btw, love the rhetoric of ‘restoration’ – City Parks could have demolished the park entirely and still called it a ‘restoration’  to the park’s original use as a pasture and graveyard) The selling off of public space continues unabated throughout Lower Manhattan – WSP Blog also reports that the city is again pushing the unnecessary and perhaps illegal Union Square Restaurant, an auctioning off of the Union Square Pavilion to business interests to meet a manufactured city budget shortfall.

Like the CCCR blog and Atlantic Yards Report, the WSP Blog has been an admirable example of a focused, dedicated citizen news outlet – I think this type of reporting should start becoming a central part of organizing strategy, particularly in an urban, highly mediated environment like New York City.


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