How to Cut Down on Bobst Crowding

this building is tooooo crowded.

this building is tooooo crowded.

During finals, I’ve noticed a severe rise in space-related frustration among NYU students.  Suddenly, folks rediscovered work ethic, and are taking it out on the NYU library, which remains packed nearly around the clock.

Here’s some recommendations on how to keep the crunch to a minimum.  The real key is to target imposters – you can generally spot the people who only study in the week before finals by their array of coffees and energy drinks (as if getting strung out on caffeine for a week or so could make up for a semester spent with dull amusements instead of thinking), as well as their self-satisfaction with actually being in the library.  While I don’t believe uppers and smugness are  problems in and of themselves, there are other things which are.

I believe you should be removed from the library during finals week IF:

1. You spend more than 5 minutes on any of the following sites: Facebook, Myspace, Juicy Campus, the Huffington Post.

2. You spend more than one hour away from your idle, power hungry laptop (theft of laptop is another potential punishment, instead of expulsion)

3. You use your papers, jacket, backpack, shoes, food or other personal items to take up the space of 2-3 people at a table.  (lighing said items on fire is a secondary option as well)

4. You go out to lunch/dinner but leave a notebook/book/paper at your chair and expect people to reserve space for you.

5. You remain at your laptop, but spend more time talking with your friends about how much work you have to do than actually doing work.

6. You are not a freshman, but this is your first time setting foot in the library since freshman orientation.

4 responses to “How to Cut Down on Bobst Crowding

  1. bitter bitter bitter.

    whatever happened to creating more “public” (having been kicked out of the library myself) space?

    crowded library = prime organizing

  2. I’m having the same problem with the video editing labs in Tisch. People go in there and browse the internet or facebook – meanwhile, there are dozens of people waiting to get in because (despite having enough computers) there aren’t enough mice and headphones for them. They can browse facebook in their dorm rooms – I can’t edit my final project in my dorm room.

  3. so basically, yr proposing not only expelling me, but lighting my things on fire?

    jeeeeeeez. take a chill pill. not everyone is gifted with yr work ethic.

    plus, some people organize shows on myspace, duh.

  4. *benefit shows!

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