Study Breakdown!

Was dope as fuck.  Great turnout, lots of fun despite a few sound hiccups.

Check the TBNYU! blog for a word from the folks who made it happen.

And, a shoutout:



5 responses to “Study Breakdown!

  1. Huzzah!
    I waged dance war from deep inside New Jersey. Nobody at my local library was amused.

  2. I do not understand. That was silly and poor timing. You do not get your demands met because you act like immature high school students, coughing while Sexton speaks and interrupting studying students.
    Ever considered petitions?
    One on one meetings?
    Student council?
    Newspaper Articles?

  3. interestingly, Take Back NYU! has done all of the things you suggest.

  4. so amazing!

    i was happy to be there, although when people asked “whose school?” i, having come from columbia to solidari-dance, had to answer “your school!”

  5. re: nikki – why are people so fucking retarded?

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