Stupid Ads – Chinatown Ed. + Newspaper Dig

Fish. Barrel.

Found at Canal and Mulberry.

Found at Canal and Mulberry.

Folks really need to think about where they place their ads.  This one, in the middle of Chinatown only makes a little bit of sense because it happens to be overrun with tourists, but it still seems a bit ham-fisted.

Leaving the Ikea Good-Bad debate aside, we can agree the company aims for a pricey demographic – which, to the degree that it remains a working class immigrant community, Chinatown doesn’t really offer.  In fact, with an average income around 20-25k a year, “weaning yourself off takeout Chinese” would take roughly a tenth of a Chinatown resident’s yearly income. That also assumes they have access to housing they can remodel, which probably isn’t true considering rising rents and vast illegal housing set-ups in the first place.

Second – “Chinese delivery” I’m not even sure what to make of this line.  But considering the location in the middle of a historic Chinese enclave, it might have been better to dodge the ethnic-food bullet entirely and just kept it at ‘delivery.’  I don’t know why ‘Chinese’ has become the quintessential delivery-greasy-pathetic food of note, but I’m pretty sure the reasons aren’t exactly complementary.

Speaking of fish in barrels:

I forgot these “no sharing used newspapers’ bins existed.


Bins in Grand Central.

Attention newspapers: when your business model relies on preventing sharing between your readers, prepare for the end.

One response to “Stupid Ads – Chinatown Ed. + Newspaper Dig

  1. It’s actually really easy to hop up on top of the no sharing bins at Grand Central and reach in to the ones that are pretty full. Also, if you keep walking a little further down the platform there’s almost always a plastic garbage bag sitting on the platform full of only newspapers. I need my reading material.

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